Partnership Elementary Foundation FAQs

What is the purpose of the Foundation?

The purpose of the foundation is to provide supplemental funds to enrich the educational programs at Partnership. To be competitive with the educational offerings in Raleigh, Partnership needs to be able to offer more resources than currently permitted by Wake County funding.

What is the donation target of the Foundation?

The donor campaign has a fundraising goal of $6,000 for 2016-17.

What will the money provide?

The Foundation will be able to fund any need of the school that is in line with its purpose: to promote student achievement and teaching excellence at Partnership Elementary School. This is broad so that the use of the money can be flexible over the years.

What are the Foundation’s priorities?

Right now the priorities are to fund technology upgrades (Document Cameras, Lap Tops, iPads) and staffing needs.

Don't my taxes pay for this?

Taxes only fund the basics and do not cover the items listed above, extra library books, extra PE equipment, books for the student book room, nor certain playground equipment.

Are there restrictions or limits on where or how the funds can be spent?

Although the bylaws of the Foundation allows broad use of funds, the Foundation focuses on larger, long-term improvements and projects that are outside the scope of PTA funds.

Who determines how the money is spent?

The Foundation Steering Committee, including Foundation Board members and School Senior Partners, will put forth recommendations after seeking input from teachers and parents.  The Foundation Board of Directors will ultimately determine how the funds are spent.

When will the money raised in any given year be spent?

The Board meets throughout the school year to discuss funding needs.  Senior Partners have key information and are able to identify priority areas.  Funds are spent once thoroughly vetted by the Board of Directors.  

What are some past uses of Foundation Funds?

7/2017 -- $6,185.00 -- Four Smart TV's purchased

7/2017 -- $1,400.00 -- Classroom improvements, including paint

11/2016 -- $200.00 -- Teacher of the Year bonus

12/1/2015 -- $1,400.00 -- Teacher of the year monetary awards (retroactive for previous years)

11/24/2015 -- $1,766.692 -- Smartboard Projectors

9/3/2014 -- $9,147.67 -- Partial Funding for 5th Grade Teacher

12/6/2013 -- $6,598.20 -- PowerSync Cart and 10 iPad2s

8/2/2013 -- $12,041.01 -- 19 Laptops

3/28/2013 -- $2,757.353 -- Smartboard Projectors and Mounting Arms

12/12/2012 -- $2,824.483 -- Smartboard Projectors

9/18/2012 -- $3,450.152 -- Smartboards, Projectors, and Mounting Arms

8/8/2012 -- $9,000.00 -- Partial Funding for Homeroom Teacher