2016-2017 Foundation Donors (so far!)

Galactic Contributors ($1000+)

Hitesh Patel and Samantha Harris

Celestial Contributors ($500-$999)

P.J. and Tim Gardiner

Eric and Wendy Midkiff

Cosmic Contributors ($250-$499)

Gavin and Tricia Wendel

Beckie Jarrett

Brady and Jenny Wells

Stellar Contributors ($1-$249)

Justin and Missy Schwab

Carey Pugh

Mary Hunter Martin

Patricia Townsend

Tim Buie and Patryce Britton

Shannon Byers

Rankin and Kristen Muse

Richard and Betsy Craft

Pattie Boyette

Mark Kenjarski

Niki Barfield

Winter Palooza Contributors

Niki Ashmont, Beckie Jarrett, Patryce Britton, PJ Gardiner,

Tom Dixon, Tricia Wendel, Jennifer Werner, Brady Wells,

Dan Corey, Janelle Harris, Bruce Foster, Wendy & Chris Gantt,

Lisa Crumpler, Dee Duckworth, Paige Hankinson,

JoAnn Huziak, Wendy Midkiff, Rebecca Rousseau, Carey Pugh,

 Jean Martin, NoFo, Cirque de Vol, Kathy Garnier, 

Kristen Muse, Missy Schwab, Beverly Dudley


Past Donors: 2015-2016 Donors


Brady and Jenny Wells


Tim and P.J. Gardiner

Eric and Wendy Midkiff

Peter Tsikentzoglou and Estelle O’Connor

Gavin and Tricia Wendel


Barry and Emily Cobb

Tom and Heather Dixon

Geoff and Kara Knight

Mary Hunter Martin

Justin and Missy Schwab

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